Find better posture, mindfully

In this 5 week course, Better posture, mindfully,  you will learn specific techniques to release key areas of postural tension that we all hold; that interfere with our freedom of movement and cause back and neck pain.

The course consists of five 70-minute group lessons over 5 weeks, plus an individual private lesson to help each student unlock their own postural patterns. The course introduces the principles of the Alexander Technique, a gentle and mindful learning approach effective for improving posture and reducing pain and tension. 

This course may have the following benefits:

- improving posture
- reducing back and neck tension and pain
- increasing body awareness
- reducing anxiety
- improving breathing techniques.

"I attended this course due to lower back pain which I have experienced on an ongoing basis for several years. This course helped me to better understand the postural causes of this pain, and identify some practices I can undertake at home to help release the underlying tension. I particularly enjoyed the mindful aspects of this course, and have incorporated some of the practices I learnt into my daily meditation."

Jeremy, 46, Data Analyst

"This approach to improving posture was new to me, but I found this to be a really enjoyable and amazing course. I highly recommend Emma as a teacher, her calm and patient methods are helpful and relaxing."

Genevieve, 33, Senior Project Officer

"My teenage daughter and I just finished a group course with an individual session. It was fantastic. Treating the cause of pain or dysfunction is better than treating the symptoms. A few  habits to break using subtle adjustments and a pinch of awareness and mindfulness. My daughter even thinks it has helped her backstroke speed. Highly recommend it."

Jeanette, 49, Environmental Reporting Manager

Many of us are using strategies to manage tension and pain caused by our posture...

We have many ways of managing the tension and pain caused by our posture. We might do yoga or Pilates, see a health professional, fall on the couch with a wheat bag on our neck after a long day. We might do a guided meditation, aiming to relax tense and stiff muscles bit by bit. 

But we can move beyond management, and learn to release postural tension and unhelpful habits

Long standing habits of posture and movement keep us trapped in unhelpful, tense, and often painful ways of using our body.

This is neuro-muscular conditioning that we all have. We have spent years of our life sending messages from our brain to our nerves and muscles, telling us to use our bodies in a habitual way, which often involves poor posture and excessive levels of tension. 

I teach specific techniques to identify and undo key areas of postural tension, allowing our bodies to find a more comfortable and flexible posture, and relieving back and neck pain.

"I have suffered from chronic neck and shoulder pain for the last 18 months.  Following my first session with Emma I felt relaxed, light and virtually pain free for the first time in months. It was wonderful!!  

In the following sessions I have learnt how to achieve this myself by releasing the tension in my neck and shoulders and better understanding how these parts of my body work together for improved posture. Emma's visual, descriptive cues are easy to remember, and help when I'm practicing the technique at home. 

I am now able to achieve a reduction in pain and improved posture myself and feel that I am definitely on the right track in the long term management of this health issue."


Norah, 67, retired public servant

Case study: Liz, 30, Yoga Teacher and Wellness Coach

Liz had suffered severe neck and back pain following a whiplash injury. This neck and back pain flared up regularly, leaving her unable to sit, walk or drive without pain, and also unable to do her regular yoga sessions. 


Liz undertook some private Alexander Technique lessons at The A.T. Studio. Having grown up learning dance, Liz tended to hold her whole body tight, and 'up' off the floor or chair, in a tense posture. In these lessons she learnt to release tension from her back and neck, and allow her body to relax and find a more comfortable posture. 

Liz particularly enjoyed the 'lying down' part of the lesson, working with the teacher while lying on a massage table. "I'm so relaxed, I feel like slow cooked lamb" she remarked on one occasion. 

Learning to release this tension in her back and neck allowed Liz's whiplash injury to subside. She has been free of these flare ups for 9 months now, and is able to move freely and regularly attend and teach yoga sessions


Q: What is the Alexander Technique?

A: The Alexander Technique is a gentle and mindful approach effective for improving posture and managing pain and tension. The Technique involves learning about posture, and focusing on the relationship between the head, neck and body. 

The Alexander Technique was developed by an Australian named F.M Alexander in the early 1900s. The Technique is used across the world to help people improve posture, manage a range of medical conditions, and also to improve performance in activities including singing, dancing, acting, horse-riding and elite sports. 


Q: What is involved in the class?

In the class we will be doing experiments with posture and movement, to help us better understand our own patterns of movement and tension. The approach is quite mindful, and you may notice an improvement in your ability to observe your body, and it's habits. The class involves no manipulation, no poses, and no exercises. 

Q: I've been diagnosed with an injury or a specific condition. Will this approach still work for me?

A: Postural issues and muscular tension underlie many injuries and conditions; this course will teach you to release key areas of postural tension. The Alexander Technique has been known to reduce pain and improve range of movement for people suffering various conditions including whiplash, Repetitive Strain Injury, vertebral disc injuries, hip and shoulder joint injuries, Parkinson's disease and migraine headaches.

Q: Are you affiliated with a professional association?

Hi, I'm Emma. I'll be teaching you to release back and neck pain and improve posture. 

A: I am a qualified Alexander Technique teacher and a member of the Australian Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (AUSTAT). Alexander Technique teachers train for three years to gain expertise in how to assist people to release tension for improved postural coordination and movement.

Courses are run regularly under normal circumstances. Contact the studio to register your interest in upcoming courses.

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Photos by Megan Watson. 

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