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Join my 10-week, transformative program Releasing back and neck pain, mindfully.

This is for you if:

  • you suffer from back or neck pain, tension headaches, repetitive strain injury, muscle tension and/or anxiety;

  • you are ready for change; ready to think about your body in a different way, and to learn how to improve your own pain and tension levels.  


You will to learn to:

  • ​​improve the way your body moves and feels, simply by using thinking & intention

  • identify and release key areas of tension as the main way of improving posture and reducing back and neck pain. 

  • move in accordance with the design of your anatomy for greater freedom.

  • wind back your nervous system to reduce anxiety and improve your sense of wellbeing

  • apply and integrate these principles in day to day activities.

  • handle a ‘flare up’ of symptoms.

I deliver this course through a mix of online group lessons and private one-on-one lessons. You will work through the lessons as part of a small group.


Contact me to join my next course starting 14 January 2021! Places are limited so get in quick!

“I have suffered from chronic neck and shoulder pain for the last 18 months.  Following my first Alexander Technique session with Emma I felt relaxed, light and virtually pain free for the first time in months. It was wonderful!!  

In the following sessions I have been learning how to achieve this myself by relaxing and releasing the tension in my neck and shoulders and by gaining an understanding of how these parts of my body should be working together.  Emma explains things very clearly and her visual, descriptive cues are extremely helpful.

I am now able to achieve a reduction in my neck pain myself and feel that I am definitely on the right track in the long term management of this health issue.”

-   Norah, 67, retired public servant

“When I started with Emma I had neck pain from office work, lower back pain from pregnancy, and also suffered from stress-related headaches. When I went to the first class it was a revelation, the gentle and relatively ‘hands-off’ session immediately helped me start identifying and relaxing the tense muscles throughout my neck, shoulders and lower back.

After doing working with Emma in group classes and private sessions I have noticed such a significant improvement in my posture and the way I move. I no longer feel ground down by sitting at a computer all day, but rather feel free to move in a relaxed, effective and efficient way. Now I have simple techniques to recognise tension in my body and practise moving without it. It has also reduced the tension headaches I was previously experiencing.


I would highly recommend Emma to anyone who feels discomfort in their neck, shoulders or back for any reason. It has provided me with a long term solution.”

-   Beth, 38, spatial data analyst

“I responded to Emma's Facebook ad, as the idea of relaxation without strain and mindfulness without dogma intrigued me. Emma teaches in a calm, unhurried manner and I felt completely at ease with her from the start. Her cues and visualisations are simple and effective and this makes it easier to recall and use them day to day.

I find it amazing how different my body can feel when I seem to have done nothing but think and visualise. I always leave a session feeling lighter, calmer and more energised.”

- Joanne, 56, retired teacher

In modern life we prioritise everything except our bodies...

We care deeply about our work goals and performance, looking after our loved ones (we often put their health above ours), maintaining a household, following our passions and hobbies.

We are busier than ever before. The way we think about our self is as a series of engagements and achievements in the outside world.

This fast-paced, externally-focused way of living causes us to use our bodies in a tense, tight, contorted, rushed way. And this in turn causes tension, anxiety, pain, injury and illness.

And then we curse our body when it breaks down and prevents us from being able to chase our external goals!

Through this program I invite you to CHANGE your life so that good use of your BODY becomes your MAIN priority...

I give you the KEYS to your own body: I take you through a series of lessons, showing you how to use your body in accordance with its design. I teach you anatomy, not in theory, but in your own body.

I SUPPORT you to make challenging but rewarding CHANGES: to change long standing habits, let go of unhelpful postural patterns, and move to a freer and easier way of inhabiting your body. 

Learning to make your body a priority and use it according to its design can give you the energy and freedom to live your life fully, to engage with the activities you love, and to pursue your goals in a more sustainable, comfortable way. 


Contact me to start your journey now! Email me using the form below. 

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